Be inspired! Women’s Week – Lena Horne

The second inspirational quote from our ‘Be Inspired’ week is by African-American singer, actress, activist, dancer, mother and wife; Ms Lena Horne.

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What inspired me to include Ms Horne’s quote was her story of many firsts;

  • Highest paid Black actor in 1942
  • First actress to have a Make-up line made specifically for her by Max Factor.
  • First Black person to appear on the cover of Motion Picture Magazine in 1944

With success often comes challenges and Ms Horne faced a few in her lifetime. In spite of a successful career, from 1947-1957, she was placed on the famousĀ  ‘Hollywood Blacklist’ for her support of the Hollywood Independent Citizens Committee, among others. She was considered at the least an anti-Fascist for standing up for something. Ms Horne did not let this stop her… No!

Her story gave me some insight into the quote below:


To learn more about this fabulous woman; visit

Be inspired!


One thought on “Be inspired! Women’s Week – Lena Horne

  1. Dear Pr Goretti,

    Of course, it is never the load but you. Some people would carry that `LoadĀ“ so bravely and we all hail them as heroes and heroines while others will give up or not even try an ounce and of course those are the losers, quitters and failures.

    The choice is ours to make.

    Thanks for sharing this second piece and I hope you are as inspired as the posts you share and the inspiration you represent to others.

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