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Breaking News!! Murder in Sasse College, Buea.

Why do we send our children to boarding schools?

For their safety and protection, good education and independence.

So what then do you tell a parent, whose kid was murdered in a supposedly safe environment?

This is the nightmare a parent is facing this morning. A Form 5 student of Sasse College, stabbed a Lower Sixth student; Bryan Ebenson of Alaska Street, Kumba; to death yesterday on campus. The victim was killed with a dining knife.

The victim Bryan Ebenson just lost his dad some three months ago. His poor mother!

To those parents in mourning; may the Lord guide and give you the strength you need to cope with this. To the parents whose kid did the stabbing, may the Lord give you wisdom as you deal with this.

Sasse is noted for its bullying culture which is disguised as ‘the norm.’ It is no surprise to me that this has happened. Children of today have changed and are less respectful and so some of these cultures really need to be abolished before we lose any more of our kids.

Source: Frisha-Gold



52 comments on “Breaking News!! Murder in Sasse College, Buea.

  1. marieabanga
    November 18, 2013

    Oh my while waiting for updates, this is simply outrageous and there is no explanation for such a fatal and cruel act – To say weapons and crimes and all of such hate now dwell in “Boarding and in this case Catholic Schools” is indeed sad!

  2. TheJewelleryMaker
    November 18, 2013

    Such a pity!! The habits we cultivate, thanks to globalisation! My condolences to the family.

  3. Besong Ebot-Tabe
    November 18, 2013

    I feel so depressed, I think discipline should be taken as a very vital part of the moral formation of students. I sympathies with the two families:it is an unforgettable tragedy.May the victim rest in peace.

  4. "Make Him Know"
    November 18, 2013

    Is a pity, a junior class will starb some one in a senior class. Devil at work… Is time for every of the students be strongly get close to christ… Let the mother of the victim take heart… God has a reason. Is me … “Make Him Know”. Reach me on: +2348034930016

    • Lydia Besong
      November 20, 2013

      So shocking, in a Christian school, where is the morals. Is a total failure on the part of the administration as well as the parents of the student who did the act.Anywhere, ‘ He who goes by the sword, dies by the sword. May the soul of the victim rest in peace

      • Eddy Gelbstone
        November 21, 2013

        Dear Mr Fomenky,
        I was very sad to read through your assertions about your very own Alma mater. It beggars believe when you at your age think others are responsible for the path you choose in life. Are you now blaming your parents for sending you there?
        I do not think your passage in Sasse college was under dourest. You are a free person and you could have chosen not to enrol in the college or if you were being bullied you could have reported to the principal at the time. I know Monsignor James Toba never entertained that. Stop blaming others for what happened to you.
        As a Soban, before you begin to write drivel on line about others check your facts.
        As I had already mentioned to the author of this article or blogg, it is proper to investigate before you producing sensationalism. This incident has nothing to do with bullying. there were a chain of events that precipitated this incident.
        I would like to refer you to the investigation carried out by the President general of SOBA Prof Ngwafor which may have been published in SOBA America and make a judgement for yourself.

  5. Fang Roland
    November 18, 2013

    The school itself has no discipline. How did the said form 5 boy get in possession of a knife? Sasse is no more Sasse that we use to hear of. The school has become so insecure for the past few years now. It’s very risky sending ones child there.

    • zzipox
      November 18, 2013

      it was a table knife, and the incident happened before lunch

    • Salt & Pepper
      November 19, 2013

      Dear Mr. Fang Roland,
      I wonder if have ever visited a boarding school. Knife is a cutlery. SJC has a refectory meaning they use these cutleries. Finger foods are not served in SJC.

    • Yahno
      November 19, 2013

      Sasse is still a great institution, I think parents should guide and educate their children on how to live in this new generation.

    • kevin
      December 1, 2013

      did u not hear or read the word table,dyning otherwise eating knife?

  6. Fang Roland
    November 18, 2013

    Rest in peace Ebenson.

  7. Ajong elvis
    November 18, 2013

    May the soul of the departed rest in perfect peace .Also pray God gives strength to the unfortunate lad who killed his friend (For sure this is just one big accident ).we pray too not to witness such acts in our schools anymore

    • Lord never fails
      November 19, 2013


  8. Proud Soban
    November 18, 2013

    I find this article so disgusting and biased. I guess for this “entertaining and controversial” website it is the “norm”. As a proud Soban I feel offended by your comment. Sasse College has been training reputable citizens since 1939. Our motto is “Fides Quarens Intellectuum”meaning “Faith seeking understanding”. This is (to the best of our knowledge) the first time that such an incident has happened (Yes brutality in Sasse Colleg is a thing of the past, except you can prove that it is a “norm” in Sasse). As an advanced law student I don’t see the corelation why or how Sasse can be sued for the incident if it didn’t participate actively or passively in the death of the student. Should students not be allowed to bring cutlery to school for their bread and butter ? Should students not be allowed to bring cutlasses/matchets to cut grass and keep their environments clean ? What do you have against boarding schools ? Secondly it is a statistic that most felons do not come from boarding schools. The ratio of violence compared to public schools is quiet low. I remember some years back in Yaoundé in a reputable international school were a student was stabbed by his classmate, it didn’t create such a havoc of protest. I think our minds and hearts should go out to the family of the deceased and not go on a witch-hunt. After all prevention is better than cure. R.I.P Ebenson Gunz. N.B This is not responsible journalism.

    • prgoretti
      November 18, 2013

      As a proud Soban, I completely understand your emotional tirade. However, I need you to understand a few facts:
      1. I’m a blogger – so after the fact, comes my opinion.
      2. This is meant to be a discussion forum, so don’t feel so offended if our views differ; that is the beauty of life.
      3. You have every right to support your alma mater.
      4. When Theophile Abega’s son stabbed his school mate, there was an outcry as well. Human beings will react to any tragic event which they hope/think could be avoided.
      5. Yes I did attend boarding schools for both secondary and high school.

      Hope that clears it. I’m still of the view that the level of bullying in schools like Sasse, CPC Bali etc need to be addressed.

      • Eddy Gelbstone
        November 19, 2013

        There is a penal code in Cameroon and there are Laws that protect children. It is very sad for you to publish names without establishing facts and with consultation. As a blogger its very important to get your facts correct before publishing a piece of information and respect the laws of the country.
        As a discussion forum you are also liable to uphold the law. the animosity of the internet is not to misinform and mislead others more, so to be judge jury and executioner. What ever the outcome, the young man has not be found guilty and you do not know the circumstances of the case. He has a right to rehabilitation what ever the outcome. By publishing his name, you have denied him that right. You have not considered the victim as well. Have you had the authorisation from his family to publish his name and has the police in Buea completed their investigation.
        Having been to a boarding school does not make you an authority in the functioning of the minds of others and on the policy of how these schools are run.
        As a blogger you have the responsibility to inform and not to misinform. I do not believe you have been to this school to be able to verify your story.
        Your article is full of sensationalism which is not what you should be publishing. it maybe your view, opinion etc but the laws of Cameroon have to be respected no mater what they are.

      • prgoretti
        November 19, 2013

        There is a reason why I only published the name of the Victim and not the accused. Before you get all righteous and legal on me; do a little research and you’ll see that the names were published on the net, long before my blog. I chose to protect the accused. Sensationalism… I’m a blogger for goodness’ sake. I write my opinions and even publish yours. I am not A JOURNALIST. There’s a difference.

      • Ekamufok
        November 19, 2013

        Gorretti, I give you kudos for briging to light the effects of bullying as the legacy left behind in our boarding schools including Sasse is what has resulted to this. Both students are victims here and my heart goes to both families. In the court of law, this case can be won using self defense as I understand the attacker was figthing for his property, got wooped, and defended himself when the bereaved student came back to extend an olive branch of peace and they attcker mistook that for another attack. It is a very sad situation and needs to be looked at through the lense of what will you have done?

    • Alison
      November 18, 2013

      I totally agree with u. The fact that the school is being blamed for this crime is #crazy. I went to a boarding Skool too for 7 years and I must say it is not the norm in any boarding Skool. Of course there is discipline to put students in line but not brutality. It is totally normal for students to have knives in their dorms, refectory or classes so u can’t blame the Skool for this unfortunate incident. Also this story is soo biased and one sided. No one has said anything about what led to the fight or why the form 5 kid stabbed his friend. I have been in a boarding Skool (saker) and I have never witnessed a fight talk less or a murder. There must be more to this story than we are told. I pray God gives both families the strength to deal with this and may the soul of the departed RIP. this is just a very unfortunate accident .

      • Proud Soban
        November 19, 2013

        I had to read and re-read this article to know if I missed the point, if I got carried away by my emotions for the love of Sasse. I never at any moment tried to “conceal” brutality in the history of Sasse or “defend” the image of the school out of mere ideology or radicalism or fanatism. We do not condone brutality or violence in any manner (Either verbal or physical). What I was decrying (I still do) is the biased and “cheap” style of the article. The blogger admitted to getting her source from Frisha Gold on facebook who had a very balanced post. I understand that some people will do anything to seek attention. Let me break it down and say things directly.
        1- The main problem here is the death of a student who could have been a son, brother, cousin, nephew or anybody else.
        2- Our efforts should go on reflecting and working together on how to prevent such incidents from occuring in our schools, homes or community.
        3- The “blame game” won’t bring back the deceased boy to his family. If this is is the first time such an insident has occured in our almost 75 years of existence then it should be viewed as an abnormality.
        4- I was/am offended because the image and “culprit” according to the blogger is Sasse college “noted for its culture of brutality”. That is a very irresponsible assertion especially for somebody who neither schooled there and for somebody who neither has the facts, but got her source from gossip.
        5- I challenge all those so-called Sobans (Which I doubt) to prove or cite a precedence to killing/murder in Sasse…Non !!
        6- I agree with the blogger that we are not forced to have the same opinion as human beings. We can disagree to agree for the progress of our society. Debate should be encouraged but mediocrity, fanatism, radicalism should be discouraged and shunned. Had it not been for this incident I would never set my feet on such a blog which I find tasteless and irresponsible to gain attention over a corpse. Your actions could even be deemed unethical, immoral and amoral to the objectives of blogging.
        7- My grandmother used to say in bayangi kenyang “enɔghɔ mɔt a pu tɨgh ntchɔt” Kenyang translation for. “One tree does not build a forest”. Meaning that your article is inconsequential if it had as goal to tarnish the reputation of St Jospeh’s college Sasse. It is inconsequential if it had as goal to prove brutality in boarding schools (which I repeat is way way much lower than public schools). It is inconsequential if it had as goal to highlight your writing skills as a blogger (which I find quiet cheap and poor as compared to those I’ve seen).
        I understand that my comment will/may offend certain people. No BIG deal ! I challenge you to instead advance points which can bring progress and safety in our community and not name bashing. After all, what can the anger of a toad do to a moving lion ?
        R.I.P Ebenson Chu Brian

    • walking~in~faith
      November 18, 2013

      You can be a proud Soban or whatever. If you must know it only takes time for the truth to be revealed and can never be concealed forever. This incident only brings to light one of the many brute acts that take place in boarding schools but are swept under the carpet by the authorities. I remember back then in the same Sasse when we made to sleep without cloths nor blanket for the first week all in the name of “cutting off our tails”. When I made a complaint to my Dad who fortunately for me came to drop some thing to for me, he talked with the school authorities who denied any such act was going on. What makes is sad is that the dorm master for the week saw it all these happening and took no action. So we have accept there is a problem with the system and as a Soban I jealously protect status but not in denial that there is still a problem with the system.

    • Sense Pass King
      November 19, 2013

      Dear Proud Soban, should you have read this article with a less biased mind, you would have noticed that the writer clearly did not have Sasse as “subject of discussion”.
      Any critical reader will identify many other areas of focus such as social violence, bullying, respect and peace and co-existence.
      The “hot air” which you bring to this forum tells a lot about the temperament Sasse instils in its own.
      Chill men. This is not about Sasse. Its about a boy killed by another. Its about a grieving family. Its about sad and traumatized friends and relatives. Its about concern for the safety of the rest of the young people in Cameroon. In the bigger scheme of things, your concern about the image of Sasse is really very trivial. So trivial I regret having to comment about it.

      • Ekamufok
        November 19, 2013

        Thanks for people like you to bring wisdom. My Bayangi brother, spilled his ignorance and denial of the truth. The writer hits the mark, bullying is an issue and no denial it happened in Sasse and that is the legacy those bullies left behind. No one should deny self defense can be used in this case, and won in the court of law. The question is what will you have done if your property was taken, and then you get wooped for trying to get it back?

  9. Jacques Ita
    November 18, 2013

    It was a spiritual attack for no sane human being would commit such an act. The guy needs to be delivered or taken for serious pyschytric evalaution because He is likely to commit the same or even a worst offense. Sasse thought me tolerance, patience, endurance, hardwork and above all LOVE.

    • sasse
      November 19, 2013

      sasse “taught” me tolerance..etc..

    • missy
      November 19, 2013

      No spiritual attack.someone bullied someone and someone was killed.It is not because you are a lower sixth student that you have the right to bully a form five student .Others might take it and others will not.I don’t think the accused had the intenstion of killing.It just happened that the victim approached him at the wrong time.If I am bullied and I have a way of defending myself I will.

      • Ekamufok
        November 19, 2013

        Tell me about it. So true, killing was not the intent, seem to me more like self defense that resulted in the killing of another. George Zimmerman vs. Trayvon Martin.

  10. zzipox
    November 18, 2013

    I used to be a bording school student, and i must say BULLYING MUST STOP…and pls cameroonian journalists should pls inprove on the presentation of their articles.

  11. Mark Bara
    November 18, 2013

    Please let the person who wrote this article think twice.There is no more brutality in sasse.This stopped a decade ago and even more.There is complete discipline in school.These two kids fought over a sport wear and after the sporting activities, the deceased went to apologised to the form five student, instead he pulled out his refectory table knife and stabbed his friend.It is an unfortunate event that we must pray and not to blame the school.It is not only sasse that saw brutality in recent years or that gives students cutleries.

    • Sense Pass King
      November 19, 2013

      Mark Bara, where ever you find teenagers put together for lengthy periods, brutality abounds. Guys stop being very defensive. I left Sasse just a few years back and trust me, there was and is still brutality. Accept it or not.

  12. Anonymous
    November 18, 2013

    Blogging 101!

    what is a blog?

    A blog (a truncation of the expression web log) is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web and consisting of discrete entries (“posts”) typically displayed in reverse chronological order (the most recent post appears first) (source Wikipedia)

    Blogging is not formal journalism y’all!!!
    The word blog is used to refer to a website that contains a writer’s own experience, observation or opinions. This word is also used as a verb in reference to maintaining or adding new entries to a blog.

    Two things to note about blogging

    1)My blog must not please everyone.My blog is MY opinion

    2)My blog is not meant to be the hardcore source of all the facts.It must not carry all the information.It is not CNN.


  13. Tiki Louisa
    November 19, 2013

    You all who are blaming the school for this mishap should stop for a minute and look at the REAL cause of all this,
    its said ‘charity begins at home’ …The SCHOOL so to say did not make this student, who was driven by anger to kill, violent. I bet it’s something that stemmed from his home. He may be from a very troubled home or something…..Its rather unfortunate that someone died cause of it but this guy should be a very troubled young man who needs serious help. The school is not to be blamed, all it did was open its gates to ‘intelligent’ young men from various backgrounds, hoping to offer them a bright future. I was also bullied in school, but my parents thought me better than grabing a knife and stabbing with uncontrolable anger at someone.

    • Ekamufok
      November 19, 2013

      You maybe right, but don’t forget the student spent more time in school than at home and so the reverse maybe true

      • Tiki Louisa
        November 19, 2013

        A solid foundation, would not break . Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.. That is coated from the Bible. And I truly believe in that.

  14. Heine
    November 19, 2013

    i actually was very impressed by this blog entry. It was a good expression of a personal opinion which happens to be shared by many people. Some proud Sobans and ex-students of other boarding schools may react unkindly to this and that is understandable; but the fact remains, many boarding schools are moving away from the harshness of the past.
    I heard it was a case of bullying, initiated by the victim on the accused which led to a fight. A second approach of the victim resulted in a deadly attack at the refectory as the accused was in possession of the knife (or fork) which he used as the deadly weapon.
    Either way, some things must change. My heart goes out to all the families, fellow students and school authorities. It’s very unfortunate.

  15. CABCIG
    November 19, 2013

    It is becoming very important for every one to engage in anti Bullying Campaign in our communities and especially in schools where the young minds develop into the society. Pre misconceptions and archaic norms to be revisited if still part of our millennium goals!

  16. Amin
    November 19, 2013

    Sorry guys….I am a Soban as well at this stage not a proud one at all…this is clearly not acceptable. Someone needs to be held responsible for this. Clearly the authorities of Sasse and as well things needs to be changed/improved. It cannot be the same as when we were there….. when bullying was just seen as a child’s play. We all must eradicate such crazy culture as its now harming us in its core.

  17. Henry
    November 19, 2013

    Sorry for this cruel act. It’s really a pity. But on the other hand, I think the school rules and regulations should be questioned coz they might have been wanting to excercise the shit known as “big,small” it is not every one that will support that nonsense coz we are not from the same home, neither the presence of the small there Is not the function of the big. If the school authority could treat students here like individuals, it will be better and more dreads avoided. May the soul of the departed rest in peace. Amen.

    • missy
      November 19, 2013

      U are right.This issue of big is really getting into some students head and they think they have the right to treat their smalls as trash.Some will not take it as you rightly said.May his soul rest in peacr

  18. me but you
    November 19, 2013

    Proud Soban,
    No matter what you write Sasse is now a shame to boarding schools.It is not the blogger who has tarnished the image of sasse but the act. At this moment the only good thing we can talk about is how bullying can be stopped in
    boarding schools.
    RIP Ebenson

  19. missy
    November 19, 2013

    My condolense goes to the family of the victim.It is such a tragedy.But I will say pple should not be bais in their comments.There can never be smoke without fire.I am not in support of what this form five student did but something must have led to something.We all are aware of how hierarchy in these schools function.This form five student must have been bullied by the loww sixth student and could not take it anymore.Lets not talk to much about outcome forgetting what initiated the stabbing.
    It is a rather unfortunate situation.My condolences and prayer to the family of the victim.May they find a place in their hearts to forgive this form five student.

    • Bechati
      November 19, 2013

      Lets keep aside your “causal link” line of thought. It can make sense if the time frames between the fight and murder were so close. If Eben was murdered during the fight, it will be a different thing but being murdered after the fight and a long time when his anger was expected to be under control is evidence of premeditation.

      From the bits and pieces of what has been reported, two students had a fight and that was brought to an end and they parted ways. By the same reports Eben subsequently decided to go and apologize to the murderer who reacted to this act of humility by pulling out his knife.

      Where was the menace to the murderer’s life? Where was the danger that will call for self defense. Moreover is the reaction not supposed to be comparable to the attack. Was Eben going to apologize with a gun in hand?

      That was murder and nothing else. Mitigating circumstances you might have to invoke will not make the murderer an angel. The Proud Sasse gentleman should avoid any demonstration of arrogance that might end up increasing the pain of the bereaved family. A student who was handed over to a school by his parents was murdered by another student under the care of the same school. The school shares in the responsibility of the murder in one way or the other.

      • Ekamufok
        November 19, 2013

        Your response is based on the mind of Eben, what about the attacker’s mind? Eben’s mind maybe free and willing to go apologize because he was wrong in both counts in having the attackers property, and instead of handing over property, wooped the young man in a fight. Do you expect with such humiliation, the attcker seeing Eben coming should assume that he is bringing peace? What will you have done if your property was stolen, and you get wooped for asking for it? Both sides should take responsibilty as sad a situation it is.

  20. kid Gbaski
    November 19, 2013

    Do u guys notice that a kid was KILLED??! I don’t care if it was self defense,I don’t care about wot happened! Nothing,I mean nothing should drive u into taking another man’s life for christ’s sake!! Look at u all talking about the law and stuff! Will the law bring that dead kid back?! Seriously?! Massa! Keep all ur law degrees aside and sympathise with the parents of the deceased! Na here wuna want cam form law? Abeg! My deepest sympathy to the family of the deceased and to the perpetrator,may karma come right back around if u do not as for forgiveness from God! Point blank period!

  21. Henry
    November 19, 2013

    It is you view and it counts. Say what you want but let the truth be said. Teachers want to transfer their responsibilities to students. Let them face it.

  22. Unknown
    November 19, 2013

    In as much as we sympathize with the bereaved family, we shouldn’t use this opportunity to ridicule catholic schools in general and Sasse college in specific. It is true the aim of schools is to foster fidelity and serenity amongst students. The question is, what if some kids do not adhere to such goals, obviously, they become deviant. Lets us on the other hand lift our hearts in prayers for the guys gentle soul to find rest at the bosom of the almighty other than throwing stones at an establishment that tries in its essence to inculcate good values.

  23. Tory
    November 20, 2013

    My heart goes out to both families…
    Did proud soban disappear? …lmfao.

  24. Sam N
    November 20, 2013

    Mr. Ndasi:

    Greetings Senior;-)! I am responding to this post with regards to your mention of “Handover”. I don’t think the regrettable incident that happened on Sunday in Sasse, has anything to do with Handovers or Handover “fever” if you may. It is a sad and regrettable act and incident indeed as rightly echoed by most Sobans worldwide. Sasse is known from years past, maybe through 2000 or there about, for its brutality and violence during Handovers and not necessary between peculiar students or incidents. We need to bifurcate these 2 instances (Handover brutality/violence & peculiar student violent instances). Even in the best of the best universities and colleges around the world, there exists regrettable instances of violence and sometimes “gun violence” shooting as is the case with most of American colleges and universities crisis.

    If I recall correctly, your regime was headed by Eloundo and of course, Captain Njanjo Manga Williams “Ferrara Websters” as he pointed out to that effect, was the Labor Prefect, and Uche Okafor was probably the Sports Prefect. I recall you were the Refectorian. My good friend Boss 89 (Kenneth Fonjongo), and Ntang Elad were in Form4 at the time. I must say, during this time, I experienced the most brutal of atrocious treatment when I think about it now on how much beating and brutality I endured, and how it was an “acceptable” culture in Sasse at the time and the periods before, as most stories hold. I had never seen such beatings by boys to boys, channeled through and dominated by the Lower Sixth class at the time when they took over Student Administration (Handover). Legend has it that this tendency, gave rise to the even classes that followed, as derived from and followed an even class culture that preceded, to be as brutal and stern during “Handovers” so as to match or supersede their predecessors (i.e. the L6, Form4 pairing). I recollect, when we were in Form4, Monsignor James Toba, the then Principal, was pondering with the idea of having assistants (ASP et al) come from Form4; and I remember how furious some of Boss 89’s (SP during L6) classmates were, as this would have greatly reduced their reign and power, and stymie all lofty plans they had, if you may call it as such, and mindful of the fate they went through when they were in Form4, and eager to now revenge! and enjoy the spoils of Handover! What a time in the lives of lads far from home! The cantankerous facts of the post mortem is something I believe other Sobans continue to have nightmares just like you mention, and deal with it on a regular, and probably an Ad nauseam result. These acts, when the debate arises about Sasse being the best of the best in Cameroon, always give room for pundits to mention Sasse’s ignominious brutality and violence during handover periods and regime changes. Most of us, my humble self inclusive, at the time, were targets during Handover periods and were punished for 5 or more different offenses, all starting at 11AM on a Saturday and expected to report at all 5 locations simultaneously; what could you really do but to ensure as a junior student your actions were to acquiesce to the status quo.

    During our time in Form5, there was this regrettable culture called “Gestapo” (probably deduced from the feared Police of Nazi Germany’s “Adolf Hitler” Regime) and to ensure the tradition maintained, we professed, planned and carried out this long held tradition as was expected. All but 2 students, in my class if my recollection serves me right, participated. Of course, the repercussion was a bear to face. Mr. Achabon (Chief Whip Proper) was engaged, Fr. John Kubo (R.I.P), Mr. Tasinda and Mr. Julius Tiba (R.I.P) were all engaged to advise Monsignor as to what happened and correct the wrongs. This was a turning and changing point in Sasse’s brutal history and culture. About 75% or maybe more of my classmates were dismissed and even returning students were punished or had been severely punished for any participation in the aforementioned “Gestapo” act.

    After graduating, when I visited Sasse some years back during my sojourn in Cameroon and was told about the changes, and how weak (for a good reason in my humble opinion) the Senior Prefect position has become…I knew it was a new dawn and era for the process to eradicate unsupervised beating and biased punishments. Some of us suffered a great deal from the hands of senior students who for one reason or the other, used their position to settle unbeknown unknown scores! Some of us were told “you folks are the future leaders in Sasse, and when your time comes, you will probably beat more and worst than what we are doing today” (Labor Prefect…go figure). Some of us were told “do they beat you at home? Well…this is Sasse…we’ll make you see another part of life” (Dorm Captain, St. Martins). I could go on and on. But I know of some damaged relationships between senior and junior students that is a result from this culture. On a personal note, I held malice against Uche Okafor for some time, heck! I even had plans to pay some motor park boys in Kumba to help me settle scores as neither could I physically fight him or was in any position to bully or repay at the time, the bad coins he gave to me in Sasse. I must say, some of these events made me very tough and molded me to be able to take, but only now firmly defend any nonsense violence or abuse from seniors for the sake of seniority only.

    As the world continues to evolve, so must we as humans. Arguments could be made as to why things were done at the time, and for whatever reasons, which may be valid, acceptable at the time as a way of life, allegory or culture, albeit wrong. I believe seniors (prefects) who punished unfairly, disparately, caused bodily harm, injury, abuse, and insulted the humane existence of junior students ought to be apologetic for their biased minds publicly if the opportunity presents; and be remorseful for the torts they committed. I believe it will make them a better person (If you are guilty, only your scruples can be your judge). Maybe at the time, that is what their thought process was, but since developing, exploring the world, and realizing how terrible those acts were/was…what have you done in an effort to correct it? Some of the seniors who may have been brutal…have your owns now in Sasse; imagine if they are treated the way you treated others? Will you find it acceptable? Or will you easily rise to call out for correctable treatment? The Prince, Niccollo Machiavelli’s principle of “how had I liked to be treated” ought to be visited.

    Much respect to Teachers like Fr. John Kubo, R.I.P (you thought us discipline, punctually, grammar, and ethics) Dr. Felix Ngassa (you made us know how to be men at a young and tender age, for me at least, you thought us how to dress, be neat, act and how to communicate effectively, and not to mention your Chemistry prowess) Mr. Kenneth Chungang (you related to us, as you were a young tutor yourself). Mr. Julius Tiba (RIP, you thought us the word “unkempt!” we didn’t even know what that meant upon your arrival, neither did we even know how to spell it! You were a true discipline master! You put fear in us about the possibility of failing, giving us the inspiration to read, “jarr” and plan to be successful academicians at the time, and 360 degree men of success in the future).

    I am hopeful, somewhere in the future, a documentary could be made in an effort to trace this brutality culture that was an acceptable norm for most boarding schools at the time in Cameroon. I don’t think the Mill Hill Brothers came to us with such violence and brutality. I don’t think they thought our Fathers and Grand Fathers such violence…and cognizant of the fact that Sasse started in 1939, mindful of the influence Sasse had in West Cameroon at the time in particular and all of Cameroon in general…it may be worth the research to see which class/era started such acts of brutality as claims may be made that for all others (Saker, Birocol, Baptist, etc.) that followed such culture, took it from Sasse. We have to be accountable for the goods as well as the bad especially if an inference may be traced. The older Sobans may be able to help with narratives, memoires and recollections of their lives and time in Sasse. I strongly think this is something worth pursuing.

    Worthy to note, while discussing last week with one of my astute classmate (Ihekweme, Mazike Anthony) now a medical scientist in Malaysia, he advised me of the completion of his book “The Last Handover” which had been in the works for some time now, dating back 12 plus months. I quipped “why are you writing this book, and what is your goal?” and he responded “to stop violence, brutality and related abuse in Sasse and other secondary schools”. I said to him, I am sure most Sobans will support you as they may directly/indirectly relate to it. Sobans, we may have acted in one way or the other during our time in Sasse that maybe no biased punches were intended, albeit punches were given; we may have been biased, for one reason or the other…whatever the case, as most of us have now attained a high level of education and experienced the world at large, seen and traveled to other places and evaluated different cultures, I am sure you will agree with me, that culture which I have narrated above, which I and most of my friends experienced, and maybe you experienced too… was not, and most definitely, is not a culture we can be proud of, promote, or support. It is a culture that needs to be eradicated completely and have a zero tolerance policy enacted. It is a culture that warrants a trace of its genesis, so we can better understand how it started, why it started, and seek solutions to end it now, and promote a respectable and fun loving, yet disciplined environment for our brothers, sons and family members who are experiencing, and may in the near or foreseeable future experience life in Sasse. Life in Sasse ought to be like life in Harvard, Cambridge, Yale, Oxford, Cornell, Berkley and all the great institutions we have come to know; where candor is promoted to give all and sundry a fair chance. Granted, we will not be able to easily control the uncontrollable, and they will be unknown known and unknown challenges which may always present to the administrators of Sasse. Great friendships are born from and during years in college and childhood. As Sobans, much is expected from us, more should be done by us, and most should be the bar of which we set to attain.

    Respectfully submitted:

    C*JN Fomenky II
    Soban 91

    Fairfax, VA

    • Josephine Spraggins
      November 20, 2013

      Wonderful and insightful narative

  25. Ma Bessem Ayuk
    November 22, 2013

    I wish everyone could be as open and sincere as JN Fomenky II. We all want to protect our various Alma-Maters,but mind you it will do us no good if we continue denying the truth.We all are aware of the high level of brutality and violence in boarding schools during the so call “Handover” period.
    Probably the student who stabbed the other, must have gone through a lot of torture from other lowersixth students,reasons for his act. Justs#saying

  26. Louis "spreader" emeka
    June 20, 2014

    Its sad finding out something like this happened in an enviroment we cherished as sobans and will always be proud to be raised in.May he rest in peace.I pray this never happens again.The authorities should enforce some tough rules to this effect.We are going through global transformation,good and bad.adjustments need to be made as things change.lets be prayerful to our children.Louis “spreader” emeka.

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