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LOL Wednesday! The many reactions to the Buea ‘Mboma’ Story.


So many people have asked me to blog this story… The story about a woman who was mysteriously swallowed by a python aka ‘mboma’ within the premises of ETA Hotel Buea.

My take was; this is some ridiculous bull****.  The only reason I’m blogging about this story is the reactions that I read from and

Here’s a few:

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 10.41.28

Need a translator… Then try google translate.

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 11.01.48

Wanna laugh some more, then click above on those links and have a field day.



One comment on “LOL Wednesday! The many reactions to the Buea ‘Mboma’ Story.

  1. What Name
    November 14, 2013

    Hello. At first I believed this story. But I heard other stories and decided to observe the pictures again. -Now I want us to observe the image where the girl is allegedly being swallowed by the snake.
    The girl seems to lie on the floor(because her shoes are near her feet) but the snake is continuously wrapped(maybe on another level lower than the floor? Now that will be funny) -Also, considering that the swollen part of the snake is the part of the girl that has already been swallowed, for a girl of her height, we should barely see her thighs if not her knees or was the girl 2m tall and above? Now that will be funny too. -There is something in the snake but its definitely not that girl lying perpendicular to the snake on another photo that was overlayed on the one of the snake. We don’t see that curvature that was suppossed to be produced by a human being on bending at 90degrees . The head is not seen because it is not shown, not because it is in the snake’s stomach. -To end it, go to picture “Big Snake Eat Woman DATA: 2013/01/16” and compare the snakes and positions of the girls in the two photos. Judge fot yourself.

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