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EXCLUSIVE! Online fundraising release of ‘WOMAN’ tomorrow November 8th at 8pm GMT.


Tomorrow Friday November 8th at 8pm GMT, you can watch the exclusive online release of the short film ‘WOMAN‘ by yours truly, PRGORETTI. You can also support our project by donating money via the TIP JAR which is below the video. Donations can range from $1-$500. So please support our project to turn WOMAN into a feature film. Thank you in advance.

WOMAN is a short film based on the concept of infidelity as seen from the perspective of the parties involved. Below is a short synopsis of WOMAN.

Upon discovering that her husband is having an affair, Mrs Bello fuelled by rage marches over to the mistress’ house. What ensues is a revealing insight into infidelity from both partners involved. Which makes us question ‘who is to blame?”

WOMAN is inspired by a Facebook post, which led to an interesting conversation on the topic of infidelity. The question was ‘ What would you do if your husband’s mistress showed up at your doorstep?’ Some of the answers were hilarious while others showed the pain and devastation that infidelity causes to a marriage. What got me intrigued though was; most of the comments blamed the mistress. So I decided to carry out some online research on ‘why women/men cheat’ and WOMAN is a visual representation of the findings of my research.

My long-term goal for ‘WOMAN’ is that, it leaves you entertained and hopefully enlightens; while my short-term goal is that together with your support, we can turn ‘WOMAN’ into a feature-length movie.

‘WOMAN’ will be released exclusively on tomorrow November 8th 2013 at 8pm GMT. At the bottom of the video, there is a TIP JAR.

In order to shoot a feature-length film, we need to raise £4000. You can give between $1-$500 dollars to help us complete this project. Your widow’s mite is greatly appreciated. Thank you once again!



3 comments on “EXCLUSIVE! Online fundraising release of ‘WOMAN’ tomorrow November 8th at 8pm GMT.

  1. Bønd
    November 8, 2013

    Interesting story line. You have my support. Have you considered using crowd funding sites like

    • prgoretti
      November 8, 2013

      Yeah! I will post on indiegogo as well. Thanks bro

  2. Diamond Ebs
    November 8, 2013

    Go girl! Let’s get this done.

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