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A morning Rant to Cameroonian Actors!


My fellow Cameroonian actors; I am tired of hearing that we do not support our own and even writing articles to suggest that we do not have any film stars. Why are you hiding? Get on Social media and create a buzz about yourself. Apart from Sahndra Fon Dufe and Okawa Shaznay, there are no Cameroonian actors who are active on Twitter. Even your Facebook pages are dormant. Are you serious? If you can’t even be bothered to create a buzz on yourself and your work, then who do you expect to do it for you? How can you be so laid back? Then you don’t deserve to be a STAR!

Do you even realize the opportunities that await you in this given profession? Abeg make una serious. Na weti this? Go on Twitter, every young Cameroonian musician is on Twitter. I have received many emails from young men/women asking me to be their manager or publicist. Even though I turned them down cos sorry, but I’m not in a place to manage anyone now, but I admire their drive and vision for themselves.  But our actors, whom I’m even more interested in are taking a back seat and leaving comments that we do not support our own.

Again I say this, if you do not understand the amazing platform you have as an actor… then shiddon for dey. In 10 years, you’ll still be complaining about the industry while others will come and pass you by. God helps those who help themselves…Or am I the first to say this?

Phew! Finally got it off my chest! Good day y’all! Have a pleasant Thursday.



One comment on “A morning Rant to Cameroonian Actors!

  1. The Next Generation Muna
    October 17, 2013

    Its abt time someone spoke up abt this.The Ent industry in Camair should be moving together, not music first then film..We are all for the same cause and if people think they’re better than others, they need to get off their ass and WORK…Twitter is a platform that Camair artists benifit from on a daily bases..I can’t begin to count the number of artists I meet…We support one another on there and it just feels right to interact with others..If your not able to creat a buzz abt your self, massa u di sleep… Thanks PR Goretti for steppin up..hope these guys become more proactive… Follow me on twitter @Iam_OneMIC….

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