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Warraheck!! 2-Year-Old boy gives birth to twin fetus


Xiao Feng, a 2-year-old boy from Huaxi, China ‘gave birth’ to his parasitic twin through surgery, after doctors discovered his brother’s foetus growing inside his stomach.

According to;

Xiao Feng, from Huaxi, China was taken to hospital after his stomach became so enlarged he was having difficulty breathing. X-Rays and MRI scans revealed Feng was carrying the undeveloped fetus of his twin inside his swollen stomach.

Shocked doctors diagnosed Feng as “pregnant” and rushed him into emergency surgery, where he was forced to “give birth” as doctors removed the twin fetus, reported the Inquisitr.

The fetus was nearly 8 inches wide and had developed a spine, fingers and toes. It had grown so much that it was taking up almost two-thirds of the boy’s stomach, doctors said.

According to,it’s called Foetus in Foetu  and is not as uncommon as we may think.  Wonders!





One comment on “Warraheck!! 2-Year-Old boy gives birth to twin fetus

  1. Nkeng
    October 3, 2013

    Wonders shall never end!

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