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Chris Brown supports Gay Rights in Cameroon via Twitter


So controversial R&B singer, Chris Brown took to Twitter to support an online petition urging President Paul Biya to support Gay Rights in Cameroon.

The rapper tweeted “Love is not a crime. Gay or straight. Love who u wanna love. Stop the hate & sign here  #Unity.”

The petition led by the United Nations urges President Biya to protect the rights of gay, lesbian, bi and transsexual people in Cameroon. The petition now  boast 70,000 of the 100.000 signatures it needs to be presented in front of President Biya. The recommendation, if successful, will abolish laws which make homosexuality illegal in Cameroon and free those in prison for practicing homosexuality.

Who this? Boh, abeg stay in your lane. Don’t class it as hate please. Nothing against homosexuals but please DO NOT encourage its growth and spread in other countries. Yes, I have gay colleagues, do I interact with them, yes I do. Do I think their sexual orientation is natural, hell no!!! Whatever they have put in the water system in Europe and the USA, please keep it there!!

That’s my believe and what I stand for. #SMDH



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