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Camer!! ‘Buy Cameroon’


When I saw this picture on Facebook, I immediately felt proud – I know, in this age of hypersonic travel and Artificial Intelligence, a simple garri packaging would make me this proud? Oh yes, it certainly did and the picture succeeded  in generating a lot of discussion on how creative or lack thereof this idea is. Most people like me, loved the idea and encouraged entrepreneurs to develop it further. A few, well not so much.

However, what struck me the most was this comment “If only we knew to Buy Cameroon”‘ by Treize Quartoze. Do we really buy our proudly ‘Made In Cameroon’ products? Do we really? I’m assuming here that we actually have ‘Proudly made in Cameroon’ products.


Before you argue about the quality or lack thereof of the product. I’m talking about supporting and encouraging an economy which is desperately in need of the right kind of support. I’m talking about supporting our ‘proudly made in Cameroon’ products for the sake of patriotism and consequently holding these producers accountable for good quality. Forget steady electricity, fast internet, and think of your locally made soap, palm oil, garri, slippers, movies, music etc. I’m talking about putting money in the right hands and bypassing the ‘greedy politicians.’ It feels like a distant memory now but many years ago, we had a thriving agricultural sector that could rival any other in the world… I still believe this could be revived.




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