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*UPDATE* Aminatou Ahidjo attacked in Garoua.

Last week I put up a post about the Late President Ahmadou Ahidjo’s last daughter Aminatou Ahidjo joining the CPDM. read post here Aminatou


A few days later, I came across this OPEN LETTER TO AMINATOU AHIDJO.   I warn you the letter is in French. The letter advised Ms Aminatou not to step foot in Garoua because the youths are disappointed and planning an attack on her. They claim that the youths from the Northern Region of Cameroon were clearly aware that Paul Biya was using the ‘Ahidjo’ name to gain favour from the Northerners. Something he’s been unable to regain since he sent the ex-president on exile. Well, despite pleading from other members of Ms Aminatou’s family, the youths still decided to attack.

News reaching us from multiple sources confirm that an angry mob attacked Ms Aminatou Ahidjo’s CPDM convoy as they made their campaign trail from Lagdo to Garoua for the upcoming Parliamentary Elections scheduled for September 30th. The mobs burnt hundreds of tyres on the Benue Bridge and without the timely intervention of the BIR (Rapid Intervention Unit), who knows what would have happened?

Politics really is a dirty game.







One comment on “*UPDATE* Aminatou Ahidjo attacked in Garoua.

  1. Aji kamale
    December 16, 2013

    May the soul of gov ahijo sent in peace. The family should not trade on that hard earned good name of gov ahijo

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