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Breaking News!! Cameroon Traditional Rulers to receive a monthly salary.


President Paul Biya issued a decree yesterday instituting a monthly salary to Cameroon’s traditional rulers. A Fon or Mbe in the North West, Nfon in the Bafaws, Khen in the Bakossis land, Nkunkuma in the East, Sultan in the West or Lamido in the Northern Regions, First Class Chiefs will from now on be entitled to a monthly salary. The monthly salary will be distributed as follows:

First Class Chief = 200.000CFA, 2nd Class Chiefs = 100.000CFA and 3rd Class Chiefs = 50.000CFA.

Therefore chiefs such as parliamentarians, civil servants or employees in a public office  are exempted from receiving these allowances. Chiefs that are authorized to hold cumulative functions must, prior to their appointment by the competent authority, opt either to keep their salaries or wages or receive the emolument due chiefs.

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