Documenting the journey of a Cameroonian filmmaker

The Anglophone Cameroon Film industry has given birth!!!

What a blog post title right? haha! Follow my thoughts and see where I’m going with this. So a few years ago, inspired by the Nigerian Film Industry and its influence on the Cameroonian population.  A few forward-thinking Cameroonians decided to seize this opportunity and tell their own stories. Like any new industry, these young producers faced a lot of challenges and so the movies were… for lack of a better word, sub par. I say sub par because when compared to 1980’s gems like ‘trials of Passion’… all we could do was shake our heads. As a result, there was a lot of skepticism around their efforts. Dream killers surfaced from various nooks and crannies and tried to discourage them. True to the popular Cameroonian adage ‘L’impossible n’est pas Camerounais,” these young men continued to improve on their craft, and what a fine job they’ve done so far… Let me entertain you with some of the amazing cinematography works I’ve had the pleasure of viewing:

Ninah’s Dowry has made us proud in more ways than one. Great cinematography, great acting and most of all – ORIGINAL. Our own story told to the world, my chest is bursting with pride as I type this. Well done!

I haven’t had the pleasure of watching ‘Decoded’ either but I heard great things. So looking forward to it. Great acting,  good dialogue and the locations, you guys really did Limbe justice. Guys, wuna don do fine ting.

I had the pleasure of watching ‘Blood or Wine’ and I must say I loved the storyline. Really impressive directing and some creative cinematography. I must commend our Camer actors who held their own along Nollywood veterans. Good job!

This is one of my favourite trailers after Ninah’s Dowry. ‘The Syndicate’ is super-charged. The fight choreography is AMAZING! The great use of the green screen, men, I am impressed, proud and excited. Great job guys, great job!

Came across this trailer while doing my research. ‘In 19 hours’ impressed with the great acting. Our actor’s are greatly improving their craft, now if we could just cut down on the shouting and improve on our sound engineering. Otherwise, great job guys.

I know there are some great trailers or movies out that you can recommend, so please feel free to add the links and we’ll update ASAP!



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