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“The Anglophone Cameroon Music Industry is pregnant…”

Recently someone tweeted the above blog post title “The Anglophone Cameroonian Music is pregnant…’ and I thought, how apt. OMG! If you have not been following the ‘craze’ that is the Cameroonian Music Industry lately, sit back and relax, let me entertain you. These videos are not in any ranking order but simply the ones I jam to daily.

Someone referred to @DebraDebs on the social network platform Twitter as ‘Cameroon’s answer to Sade Adu…’ I thought that was a compliment. Ms Debra Debs describes this track as ‘ a simple socio-conscious track about Africa, Politics, Development, Poverty and Wealth…’ Plus she made history in Cameroon as the first Cameroonian artist whose video reached 1M YouTube viewers within a month of its release. What an accomplishment!

@StanleyEnow is hot on Cameroon Radio’s airwaves. His début single #Heinpere is a mega hit and his YouTube views are steadily climbing. Stanley Enow claims that “Hein Père is Cameroon’s most trendy Hip-hop track by of all times.” Arguably so I say, however we can’t deny the strength of his Marketing and PR team. Amazing work.

This next song is the soundtrack of my household. My 21-months old can be found mumbling along the beats by his lonesome. Love, love, love! @SteveSlil describes Ebangha as ‘a sultry RnB-Afro Pop tune.’ All I can say is awesome video production and arrangement. You just made Bayangi sound so sexy!

“She say she wanna dance #makossa, she di wind her waist she like mapouka Manchester-based @ImBizu Nino is bringing his own personal twist to the legendary makossa by exposing to a wider audience. Say what you will but before the song is over, you will find yourself humming along to the chorus all day long.

Then there was ADAH. Who is Adah? Couldn’t find a Twitter handle. Is he ADAH SINGS on Facebook? Can his team confirm this to me please? Regardless, I just love his voice and the video… ahh! Me loves! You go boy, and your leading lady is foine!

There you have it, that’s just the a preview. For more on  the Cameroonian music scene… Visit  That’s where I get my #Camer musical fix from.



6 comments on ““The Anglophone Cameroon Music Industry is pregnant…”

  1. Fualefeh
    September 9, 2013

    great one Grande Sr, i believe we are getting up the ladder. There are too many of them musicians out there. Guess who i saw in a video on facebook?

  2. AVIN-U C
    September 10, 2013

    Good Day PR Goretti its H Bolo (AVIN-U C MUSIC) the Hip Hop artist from Dallas but now based in Cameroon. I love your blogs and I would love for us to do another interview blog about my new album “Hard Work Pays Off” with Singles like “Nah My Life” feat. Peter Jericho, “Chop Money” Ft. Jara, “A Don Try” Ft. P. Jericho, “All I Know” Ft. Nafon and hits go on and on please let me know, thank you. God Bless

    H Bolo’s iPhone Network

  3. Tana Rapheal aka truth
    March 24, 2014

    Di one na explo!!!

  4. NCHANG Simon Bango
    April 6, 2014

    Hello, this is Simon from HOLY CROSS COLLEGE, AYOS,NKOABANG,Y’DE.
    I have seen this site to be interesting and entertaining CAMEROON PRODUTION.
    I am a talented rapper known by friends and quater comunities.
    I plead cameroon can upbring me to be one of thier best rappers, because cameronian musicians are up to cultural musics,zouks etc which is part of us.
    still we can promote rapping in cameroon and make it international.
    We can change the economy.
    Nchang Simon Bango
    a.k.a bango

  5. sosoman
    February 20, 2015

    Yes Anglophone Cameroon Music is Pregnant ,but there are no investors and Promoters

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