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Na wa oh!! Just watch the video please


This is sad! Why oh why I ask myself. We need to open our eyes to all these wars please. Who are those initiating these wars across the globe? America and England. Hmm



One comment on “Na wa oh!! Just watch the video please

  1. Nnenna
    September 3, 2011

    This is a very powerful video. To hear from the veterans the true reality of what is going on is powerful. I have never known war to solve anything. Why aren’t these so called leaders at the front line of war? Why don’t they send their children to be killed? Where is the wisdom in going to war to kill and destroy lives? Will it ever end? So much pain, loss, destruction. Why??

    At this rate there will be complete annihilation of this world and the human race. Is this what we want? Why not have dialogue to settle misunderstandings and strive for peace? Why not create a world we can be proud of and leave for the next generation, our children?

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