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Breaking News!! Cameroonian developes Mobile Telephone Application to fight Corruption.

That’s the message I am sending out to corrupt Cameroonian officials.

Herve Djia, a 24-years old Cameroonian has conceived and developed a mobile phone application “NoBackchich” to help combat corruption in our beloved fatherland.

“Backsheesh” in Arabic means to offer money to crooked officials to get things done and “NoBackchich” means “No more Bribes.” The mobile phone application is designed to work with Android phones and will offer consumers information on the cost of public service procedures.”

According to Djia, Public ignorance of the dangers of corruption makes the problem even worse. “If public service consumers get accurate information, the number of people offering money in exchange for services will significantly drop.” He added.

He also hopes that users will use this application to publicly name and shame corrupt Cameroonian officials on social networks like Facebook, Bebo etc. A preliminary test of the application organised by a local anti-corruption NGO called ‘Un Monde A venir‘ through 20 business people in both Yaoundé and Douala prove encouraging.

However given the high cost of Android phones in Cameroon, Djia is currently developing another application that will work on non-Android phones. in his words, Djia believes a thousand-mile journey begins with a first step. He says “NoBakchich” is not a magic potion that will instantly stop corruption, but a contribution towards curbing the problem.

Click here for more on the application


Hats off to you Herve Djia. For even conceiving an idea like this gives me faith in our generation. We shall definitely see a change in Cameroon. There is hope yet!



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