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Na wa oh!! Former DG of CAMAIR, Yves-Michel Fotso weds in prison

Former Director General of the now defunct CAMAIR, Yves-Michel Fotso, son of legendary billionaire businessman Fotso Victor, celebrated his nuptials with the beautiful Cecile Emerziane at the Kondengui Prison last May 27th. How come we are only getting news of this now? Hmmm!

According to the original post – mindful of my translation;

A few days before the wedding after invitations had been sent out, the Prison Registrar Jonas Tiwa wrote an urgent letter to the VP of the Ministry of Justice asking for his advice on the matter. While he waited anxiously, Jonas Tiwa was very concerned as he had never had a marriage request throughout his career. Finally the keeper of the seals responded, not only did he grant Yves-Michel permission to wed but he also gave them the authority to hold it outside of the Kondengui prison premises. The wedding would  be held at The Kondengui Mayor’s office.  Oh yes!

So come May 27th, Yves-Michel Fotso made history by being the first prisoner to wed. Yves- Michel and Cecile were joined in matrimony at the Kondengui Mayor’s office in front of family and friends. They even had the opportunity to serve a buffet lunch to their guests.

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UPDATE: Jonas Tiwa the Senior prison Registrar who allowed the wedding of Yves-Michel and Cecile was recently transferred to run the Bamenda Prison. Some people consider this as a demotion as a result of the Fotso affair. Scapegoat I say.

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Oh how the mighty have fallen! Wandas! Yves-Michel was let out of prison to marry? Is that even acceptable by the government? Eh eh, Cameroon and patcha. Non!



4 comments on “Na wa oh!! Former DG of CAMAIR, Yves-Michel Fotso weds in prison

  1. Bernice Lakota
    August 11, 2011

    NA REALLY WA!!! hilarious, money talks right?

    • ihjgyhgjh
      August 23, 2011

      yea, it does.

  2. Adeline
    August 11, 2011

    What kind of woman marries a prisoner sef?

  3. nkeng
    August 15, 2011

    Wonders shall never end. As the saying goes ‘ l’impossible n’est pas Camerounais’ Cheers!

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