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Breaking News!! After over 100 years, News of the World shuts down!

The saying  or Bible quote “everything shall pass away,” is really true in this instance. After 168 years of arguably dedicated investigative journalism, UK tabloid and best-seller ‘News of the World‘ will shut its doors and turn off the printing press tomorrow, Sunday  July 10.

The reason for the closure of a tabloid newspaper which is as loved as it is loathed is following a phone hacking scandal which has rocked the world of journalism.The story came to light when the UK’s Metropolitan police reported that over 4000 people including some very high profile individuals like Princes William and Harry, Kate Middleton and even murdered victims like Milly Dowler and 7/7 victims had their phones hacked by private investigators working for the paper. (Phew, now that was a long sentence!)

With the information generating front page news on newspapers across the globe, billionnaire and owner, Rupert Murdoch decided to shut the newspaper down in a week, leaving staff with very uncertain futures.

Click here for more on the story.


what a shame! Why didn’t Almighty Rupert not just fire those involved? Newspapers have bounced back from once scandals than this. Just look at Ashley Cole… Cheryl’s taken him back. (Oh well, I gues he’s not a newspaper.) Still, what a shame!



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