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Should ‘Bikutsi’ be banned by Mishe Fon


How  do you expect Cameroonians to think “Straight” with this level of Moral decadence?
Some describe it as a work of ART but this Bikutsi dance is an expression of societal immorality and decadence pushed to an extreme level. I don,t know whether these girls smoke “Nkinding” (Banga) B4 mounting the stage for their orgy. With performance like this how do you guys expect Cameroonian “Musicians” not to go to Meyomessala-Mvomeka and beg Tonton BIYA to stay as President for the next “How Long He Wishes To Stay”? Who are they kidding?
Honestly, as a work of Art, it is spectacular but what example does it set to our sexually crazed youths who for lack of JOBS, Opportunities and a bright future will turn to inebriated obviously drugged performers like the ladies and guys in this video clip. Now I understand why Prof. Mariologue Gervais Serpentologue Mendo Ze banned so-called Turbo Petit Pay,s absurd Nudity on his CRTV. Cameroon really needs GOD to come to its rescue.
Mishe Fon
lol! First of all I had to laugh because I had never really looked at Bikutsi from this angle. However vulgar or not, are we going to destroy a peoples’ cultural (no matter how uncomfortable our mora values find it)? Still hmm, interesting observation.

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