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Na wa oh!! Paul Biya “knack we another stick”.

Recruitment Of 25,000 Youths Pushed To December

The Minister of Public Service and Administrative Reforms, Emmanuel Bonde, has declared that the deadline for the recruitment of 25,000 youths into the public service has been extended to December 31.
The Minister announced the shift in the deadline during a press conference organised in Yaounde on June 29, to inform the public about the progress of the recruitment. Mbonde said the date was extended by a Prime Ministerial text which Philemon Yang signed after a series of drawbacks were witnessed by the technical commission.
The drawbacks, he said, include the late arrival of documents from the various regions and embassies of the country, falsification of certificates, double identities, as well as fake dates of births. The Minister cited Cameroon’s Embassy in the US, which he said received 24 applications and are yet to send them to Cameroon.
He explained that though each candidate was supposed to be at most 40 years old and entitled to only one application file, 3,253 cases of violation of this rule have been recorded. He told the press that 280 fake academic certificates have been identified among the 35,759 certificates verified, so far. The number of candidates who altered their dates of birth and those who had double identities summed up to 7,408, he added.
Asked whether the presentation of these statistics is not a means that Government is using to buy time and keep the people patient, the Minister said Government was doing its best to employ those who are truly qualified. He said commissions will be sent to schools abroad to verify the equivalence and veracity of certificates that have been submitted by candidates who claim to have obtained them from foreign schools.
Journalists were also told that verification of certificates in private universities in the country is also difficult, because, some of these schools are not authorised to issue certificates.  Commenting on the issue of priority, he said there is some space reserved for those who “… have been suffering for a longer period” and emphasised that it does not mean that the younger candidates shall not be considered. He also remarked that the priority is to put the right people at the right places.
The Minister also commented on a number of competitive examinations that have been launched by Government under his supervision, which, he said, offers employment opportunities to about 13,000 youths. He added that the public can get more information on the competitive examinations from either the Ministry of Public Service and Administrative Reforms or its Regional Delegations.
Most youths have received the news with disdain. Most of them have intimated that their hopes of having a job and becoming responsible have been dashed. “It is a scam by Government; the usual fake promises made by the Head of State. This time around, he probably thought people were going to downplay the promise, but they rather welcomed it, and now is like a storm in CPDM tea cup,” Julius Nformi, a youth who was eagerly waiting to grab a job in May said, “even in the most developed economies, the President cannot create 25000 jobs in a mere speech.”
Meantime, others have observed that President Biya made the announcement only to calm the youths and avert uprising due to unemployment and akin to what is happening in the Arab world.
God help Cameroonians. First of all, I can imaginehow much it costs to buy all the numerous fiscal stamps required to certify the numerous documents required, plus the cost of taxi fares and ‘chokos’ at the D.O’s office. In other words, Paul Biya has just raised money for his 2011 campaign bid from his impoverished citizens. Somebody tell me please… is Paul Biya Bi Mvondo a Cameroonian? How can a leader be so mean to his own people?

5 comments on “Na wa oh!! Paul Biya “knack we another stick”.

  1. nkeng
    July 6, 2011

    Yes, he can knack we stick, and he did!!!

  2. Yvonne
    July 7, 2011

    Big Tif man, WANTED. Lol

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  4. mbom
    September 22, 2011

    biya thinks no one van be wiser than him….

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