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Cameroon mourns the death of Singer Bebe Manga!

Bebe Manga’s satiny late-night love songs not only brought stardom to the singer-songwriter-producer but turned her into a pop culture icon. She leaves the Cameroonian music stage with record market sales on several albums that have made ​​her a legend of African music; a good example is her best-selling album titled “Amio.”
Bebe Manga rose to stardom and international fame in 1980 when she replayed Ebanda Manfred’s 1962 radio hit, “Amie” (meaning “friend” in French). Bebe Manga’s version known as “Amio” earned her the prestigious “Maracas D’or” award from SACEM, and a firm place in history as one of Cameroon’s greatest voices who has been an inspiration to a new crop of female stars such as Ruth Kotto and Jackie Biho. She died of cardiac arrest in Douala, she was sixty years old. She also was the Senior Vice President of the Cameroon Music.Corporation (CMC).
What a loss to our musical heritage. Her voice was one in a million. Still I got to say this, so cut me some slack… being obese didn’t she expect this? What a colossal loss!



5 comments on “Cameroon mourns the death of Singer Bebe Manga!

  1. Bernice Lakota
    July 3, 2011

    what a loss indeed. I tell you obesity has now become the number one killer, weh, it is so sad.

  2. Marge
    July 3, 2011

    Oh, my God Anu, i just heard this now…She was one of my favorite Cameroon artist – i am a proud owner of two of her albums.

  3. Natasha Rockxana
    July 4, 2011

    weh!! a dieu!! bebe manga ..u will for ever remain close to my heart. RIP. natasha quinb

  4. Roseline Mbi
    July 24, 2011

    weh aunty my ur soul rest in perfect peace, i just pray that God should bless us with somebody like u in the family.

    • Rev. Daniel Owusu-Akyaw
      November 7, 2013

      Weh! Ashia my good friend Bebe Manga. I am a Ghanaian missionary of The Church of Pentecost who came to work in Cameroon as a National Head of my church. I spent 7 years in Cameroon & lived in Duoala. Bebe Manga became a good friend of mine when we opened branch of our church at Akwa Nord, which was quite close to where she lived in Akwa Nord. I saw her very last days & was at her funeral. I am now back in Ghana. I am happy that at her request, I led her to receive Jesus Christ as her personal Lord & Saviour about two years before she was called to glory.
      N.B. Friends & loved ones who wish to see her in eternity are advised to equally follow her footsteps by also accepting Jesus Christ as Saviour, just as she did. My her soul rest in perfect peace.
      Rev. Daniel Owusu-Akyaw.
      (Now back in Kumasi- Ghana)

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