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Na wa oh! Disgraced Bishop Eddie Long’s service!



After being accused of molesting some young male members of his church, Bishop Eddie Long has agreed to a $25 million dollar payout to his victims.

“I see everybody moving like that to the altar… touch somebody and say my day coming…if”


No Comment!









4 comments on “Na wa oh! Disgraced Bishop Eddie Long’s service!

  1. Bernice Lakota
    June 15, 2011

    Na really wa, all I can say is we are living in the end of time. Immorality is at it’s highest peak, , but the blind continue to lead the blind. The Bible says there will be many false prophets, let those who have eyes, see and let those who have ears, hear. Today’s churches are just one big ATM machines, money makers and that’s all. Some pastors or Bishop are self-proclaimed they didn’t even to to Theology school, in short na wa oh! lol

    • prgoretti
      June 15, 2011

      Lol, that touched a nerve I take it sis. Lol. Angoh do Therra and your other friends know about my blog? Please spread the word oh! Thanks.

  2. Mau
    June 16, 2011

    No comment indeed! Angoh said it all,though.

  3. Adeline
    June 18, 2011

    End Time is Near!!! For Real..

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