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Na wa oh!! May 21st 2011 – doomsday has come and gone. So what now?

Above is the picture of the man or ‘prophet’  86-years old Harold Camping  who predicted that the world would come to an end on Saturday May 21st at 6pm.  Today is Monday May 23rd 2011 and I am still here!

Harold Camping made this prediction after some ‘mathematical calculations’ from stories in the Bible.  He claimed that Biblical texts revealed that the end would start with an earthquake from New Zealand and spread across the world.

Robert Fitzpatrick, an 89-years old transportation Agency worker in New York  claims to have spent over$140.000 (£85,000)  of his savings on billboard advertisements across the world, warning people of our impending doom.

In his defense since doomsday did not happen, Mr Fitzpatrick said ” I do not understand why… I do not understand why nothing has happened. I can’t tell you what I feel right now. Obviously, I haven’t understood it correctly because we’re still here.” So sad!

Note the evangelist Harold Camping has not been since May 21st. Maybe his world ended that day… who know?


These are some of the things that piss me off about organised christian religions.  And to think that families lost all their savings for this bull. A real shame! We never hear stories like this from our brother Muslims and other non-christian religions. False prophets rising up from every nook and cranny with gullible so-called Christians believing in the pastor’s word and not the Bible. God help us all!



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