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Arnold Shwarznegger from Terminator to Sperminator

A picture they say speaks a thousand words.

Troubled ex-Governor of LA county, Arnold Schwarzenegger has admitted to fathering a love-child with one of his maids over a decade ago. According to British tabloid, the Daily Mail, his wife Maria Shriver, 55 claimed that although she was miserable in the marriage for so many ears, she stayed for the sake of her children.

In spite of the many rumours of Schwarzenegger’s rampant cheating, it took the discovery of the love child to break Maria Shriver’s back. Reports suggest that both Shriver and the maid, 50-years old Mildred ‘Patti’ Baena were pregnant with both sons at the same time.

Maria Shriver, a relation of the renowned Kennedy’s  abandoned a promising TV Journalism career to support her husband in his ambitions.

Last night Maria Shriver officially filed for divorce from her husband of 25 years. Yesterday two of their four children Katherine, 21 and Patrick ,17 changed their Twitter account names from Schwarzenegger to Shriver.


Why oh why do women stay in miserable marriages for the sake of their children? Aren’t these children better off in a healthier environment? And why must men cheat? Is monogamy natural?




2 comments on “Arnold Shwarznegger from Terminator to Sperminator

  1. Bernice Angoh Lakota
    May 19, 2011

    My dear, we are living in an immoral society where sex is all they talk about, all they preach in movies, songs and videos, the devil own the world, what do you expect? Let those who have eyes see and who have ears hear! God bless us all.

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