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Mariah Carey gives birth to twins!!

Mariah and Nick Cannon were the happy parents of a boy and girl on 30th April 2011 at 12.07pm. According to, the baby girl came first weighing 5lb.  3 oz, measuring 18 inches long  followed by her brother weighing 5 lb 6 oz. and measuring 19 inches long.

Coincidentally Mariah’s children were born on the couple’s anniversary date.

Berger tells PEOPLE “she’s doing great” and they were listening to Carey’s “We Belong Together” after the children were born. “I spoke to both of them and they are both completely overjoyed.”

Asked if the birth was planned to coincide with her anniversary, she said: “No, not even Mariah could plan that.”

“Nick was very nervous and Mariah was completely calm. Mariah thought it was another soft labor and Nick was driving her to the hospital and she very calm and the music was blasting,” she added. “When they walked into the hospital, [Nick] was going the wrong way and the nurse redirected them to go the maternity ward, and I said to her, ‘that’s right out of I Love Lucy,’ and she laughed.”

Congratulations to the proud parents!


About time Mariah. Congratulations!! I can’t wait to know the babies’ names.



2 comments on “Mariah Carey gives birth to twins!!

  1. shantrea stroman
    October 15, 2011

    hey i am a big fan of Mariah carey,and Nick cannon you are so funny !!!i hope you too have a a good life and i cant wait to know the babys names!!!!!!!!!!!!

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