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RE: Les Camerounais sont des Fetards!!! POURQUOI?

Salut mes freres et soeurs Camerounais,

I recently stumbled across these articles from two of our brothers and wondered if there was any truth to them. Read at your own dis/comfort.


This is the problem I have with Cameroonians: Francophones, Anglophones, Citadins meme sef villageois dem…all of usWE ARE NOT SERIOUS. At some point in time we have to become responsible. We cannot spend all our time “Partying“. If it is not “Born House” na Bridal Shawa, na Convention 4 dis or dat Kontri-side school,(Long-las, PCC Pa Mubang, NACHO, CCC, KTC, St Bedes, St Ngong, Bishop Logan, Shaker Bapstisse, Okoyong, ShePC Bali, Liberman, Vogt even sef the Two beautiful Sistas of One  “Our Lady Lourdes Njuh Mankon” LESA Inc and LESA USA or Die House, Baptism, 1st Communion, 50th Birthday, 2nd year anniversary of “Marred”, Fund Raising, Celebration of 10 years since my dis or dat don meung, Graduation, Promotion, Lady Ponce, Grace Decca, Sergio Polo, Fred Bollo are in Town…In Short…just about anything that will make us Cameroonians Go Out, Drink, Dance, Eat and ofcourse the promiscuity and proclivity to sexual malfeasance that all these vices or is it Ambiance will engender. NB: Allodoxaphobic readers should abstain from reacting.
Massa Jackson, with all this yeye Lifestyle, how do you guys in CPDM think you can even consider changing Grand Repe Tonton Biya? Even those of us who claim to be “Opposamts” How can we be dancing Makossa @ Nite drinking Hennessy, Cerbernet sauvignon brands, guiness, 33, Ngange, Isenbeck, heineken etc and expect to get up in the morning…totalement ivre d,alcool et le sexe pour proclamer sur Internet …BIYA MUST GO. Go How? And to Where?
Let us stop all this nonsense. Is it with this kind of carnavalistic enjoyment mentality that we are going to “Moof BIYA 4 Etoudi?” I doubt it very much. To tell you how bad the situation is: I just received a mail asking me to attend a PARTY tonight for…guess what?…”The guy says he is celebrating his new “Traditional Title” awarded by “Cameroon Traditional Rulers in AMERICA” Have a pleasurable and Full of ENJOYMENT weekend.
Mishe FON
The article below was written by a certain Pa Fru Ndeh in response to Mishe Fon.
Dear All,
Mishe Fon is making a WONDERFUL point, albeit juxtaposing the point
in his comical prose, which has become a hallmark of his writing style.
Lest the real message/point gets lost, he is saying we are partying too much.
This is TRUE.  Very TRUE.  In fact, the New York Times I think ran a recent
article on a Ghanaian Cry-Die or so.  This tendency to party must be decried.
I have made this point starting right in my own family circles, and have said
so repeatedly on these internet chat forums as well.  Just maybe I haven’t
“horned” it down enough.  One of those very, very, rare instances too, that
I have seen eye-to-eye with Dr. Emmanuel Konde, who has also stressed on
this fact.
Our African Culture is purely centred around partying!  It is unfortunate.
Why do many aspects of our “culture” centre around eating, drinking & dancing?
Are we forever revelers who are given to epicurean tendencies?
Does our culture forbid us from thinking, from designing bridges, from
writing computer Java/C++ programs, from performing heart surgeories,
from discovering medication, from improving engines, from designing aircrafts,
building airports, etc….
The number of parties or meetings that take place on weekends in places
where Africans are concentrated such as the Washington D.C. Metro Area,
Dallas/Houston – Texas, New York City is astounding.  The same ROUTINE
topics are discussed and argued upon year in year out, without any long
lasting solution and without the people adhering to agreements they reach.
When we call meetings of a PROFESSIONAL nature, few if any are drawn to
such a meeting.  Our PROFESSIONALS here DO NOT liaise with those at home.
Not at all.  But why do the Tribal groups liase with those at home?  Could it
be that, we as Africans are still inherently tribalistic, and have not from a
professional perspective, recognized the need & importance of state institutions?
When we call meetings where there is eating, drinking, dancing & prancing,
many more of us flock there. …..
Are we Cameroonians/Africans just plain brain LAZY?  What is the issue?
Blessed Be Cameroon
Pa Fru Ndeh
Hmm!… I will get back to you on this.

3 comments on “RE: Les Camerounais sont des Fetards!!! POURQUOI?

  1. Bernice Lakota
    April 28, 2011

    I can see where they are coming from, there is some truth behind the articles. There is nothing wrong with enjoyment as long as it is not all we do and we can find a balance between work and play.

  2. Alfred Ade-Ijimakinwa
    April 28, 2011

    I’m no cameroonian. But I think the partying idea, if that is th way it is, is insane. Like Nigerians does too. People wants to party just about anything. And for professionals abroad mixing with homwtown ones, that might be very challenging. I think I like this stuff.

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