Documenting the journey of a Cameroonian filmmaker

Female Empowerment!! Desert Flower – The story of a brave Somalian Woman

(In pic: Waris Dirie on the right, hugging Liya Kibede who plays her in the film)

At age 5, Somalian girl Waris Dirie suffers the curse of genital mutilation and horrific stitch up without any anaesthesia all in the name of womanhood. At 13, Waris Dirie runs away from an arranged marriage with a 65 years old man. Waris runs away from all she’s ever known and treks across the scorching desert without shoes, water or food for days on end. Her destination Mogadishu, a place she dreams of finding freedom from the often oppressive and painful future that awaits the Somalian girl child.

Fast forward a few years later, Waris Dirie took the fashion world by storm and catwalked across London, Paris, Milan as a successful model. Today she is the UN ambasador for Female Genital Mutilation.


A brave woman!




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