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Conspiracy or not? 9/11 – Hidden in plain sight?


9/11 – Hidden in plain sight? Are we quicker to debunk this as fiction or crazed conspiracy yet accept that our relatives are sacrificied in secret societies and our leader is a blood sucking ‘AMORC?’ I wonder…



2 comments on “Conspiracy or not? 9/11 – Hidden in plain sight?

  1. Asonganyi Scot
    February 28, 2011

    If some body can sell his/her soul for something they can work hard and get it for free it means something is goddamn wrong with him/her……Why give your life to some body who can only take it away..I’ve never heard of any circumstance where Satan gave some body life….

  2. Lebs
    February 28, 2011

    There is however a growing anxiety of Conspiracies around the world especially on the capabilities of controlling mankind. Amorc isn’t just one of them, but the father of all this is the Illuminati. Following this link, you’ll see their potential in the way they can control you, even without you knowing they are.
    The one thing which still questions my doubt about all these, is why there are some many stories and write-ups by various people all over the world about these conspiracies, if actually they do not exist.

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