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After Tunisia, Egypt and Libya… Next Stop CAMEROON!

Enough is Enough!

Cameroonians took to the streets today February 23rd in a peaceful demonstration demanding our president of 29 years, Paul Biya to step down. The demonstrations also commemorate the death of thousands of Cameroonians same day in 2008 who were murdered by the Biya regime as they peacefully demonstrated against the hike in food and fuel prices.

The demonstration led by Mboua Massock presidential candiidate for the New Nationalist African Dynamic (Nodyna), Presidential candidate Kah Walla and other opposition groups came together in an unprecendented show of unity to lead the demonstrations. Chants of “Biya must go”, “Biya mouf dey” and others were heard in the economic capital City, Douala today.

Currently, Mboua Massock , Hamenie Bielieu, Kah Walla and others have been arrested by the BIR (Rapid Intervention forces – the most brutal Biya armed forces so far).

Click here for CNN’s report.

Mboua Massock

Kah Walla


Knowing Biya, he will react exactly like Moamar Gaddafi of Libya and not hesitate to spill blood. I just hope and pray that this not serve as a deterrent to the demonstrators.


3 comments on “After Tunisia, Egypt and Libya… Next Stop CAMEROON!

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