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Is Beyonce Bleaching her skin?

The picture above of a noticeably lighter-skin Beyonce Knowles was taken on the 15th Feb on the occasion of former band member Kelly Rowland’s 30th birthday dinner. The Media and blogosphere have gone into a frenzy insinuating that Beyonce is bleaching her skin. This got me curious and while doing some research on Beyonce’s earlier pictures, I stumbled across hordes of pictures of celebrities whose original body image have been altered in the photographer’s studio lab. Check them out below:

More tanned skin

Now unto other celebrities

Why oh why? She looks as gorgeous without the tan

So obvious

More tanned and Trimmer Waist and tummy

Fairer skin

Fairer skin

Perfect skin

Fairer skin, trimmer waist and thighs.

Judging from these pictures, is Beyonce Bleaching her skin or is it a question of magazines and newspapers trying to promote which skin colour they ‘think’ is ‘beautiful?’


I think the lighting and possible flash from the Camera has a lot to do with the colour of her skin in all these pictures.


3 comments on “Is Beyonce Bleaching her skin?

  1. Bernice Lakota
    February 17, 2011

    hmm, good question, one can’t know with al the high tech photoshopping…

  2. Mambo
    February 18, 2011

    Don’t think she is.It is the lightning make up and hair.When I have blond highlights I also look considerably lighter.Who cares anyway? The woman is so gorgeous it’s unfair! My eagle eyes spotted a vertical dark mark on the shin of her right leg so if she really was…that mark wouldn’t be dark.

  3. Pru
    February 18, 2011

    That babe is simply gorgeous with or without the bleaching.Elle est waoooooooh…..Bleaching or no bleaching she will always remain Beyonce…

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