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Actress colleague Dakore Egbuson is engaged!

“It was in Chicago last year summer when he told me his very close friend was throwing a party for Essence Magazine. Because he’s a fashion buff, he took me shopping for clothes a day before the party. I noticed he was very excited that day as he was selecting lots of beautiful outfits and I teased him about the event being so important to him. He told me he wanted me to be the most beautiful lady at the party.

The next day which was supposed to be his friend’s party, he said we should go to a restaurant to eat first before going the party.

He took me to this very classy restaurant, the best in Chicago; and I thought ‘wow’, this is really different. It wasn’t that we don’t hang out in fine restaurants, but this restaurant was different, the finest we’ve ever been.”

They ordered a meal and Dakore decided to take desert also, but instead, the waiter came along with another trolley and she turned to him to say they didn’t order those. She later realized that was the cue for Olumide’s magic moment.

“Then the light dimmed and he went on his knees. At that moment, the waiter opened the cover of his trolley and inside it was a beautiful red box. Then Olumide said, ‘You know, we’ve been dating for a while…’
At this point, Dakore couldn’t really hear the rest of his words because her head began to reel with overwhelming emotion. “Then he opened the box and all I did was cry’ Dakore remembers “This time everybody in the restaurant gathered round, and Olumide’s focus was on me, still waiting for my response. Then the YES just popped out of my mouth. The ring is the best money can buy and it is very beautiful. After the restaurant, I was so excited to go for the party. But when we got there, I found it was also a surprise party with a beautiful cake from all our friends.”

Excerpt from Genevieve Magazine.

Dakore and I have had the opportunity to take part in two movies together; TurnTable 1&2 and Before the Sunrise 1&2. I am really happy for her. The other reason it is such a big deal in Nigeria is because her fiancé, Olumide Akande is the son of Nigerian billionaire Harry Akande.


One comment on “Actress colleague Dakore Egbuson is engaged!

  1. melvis
    December 23, 2010

    waoo this is so sweet

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