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Baby girl born with two front teeth fully developed. (Imagine the uproar if this happened back home)

Imagine holding your newborn in your arms – what are the first things you check to make sure are fully developed? Exactly, ten toes, ten fingers, ears but certainly not TEETH! At least we know it takes on average seven months for the pearly whites to develop, so can you imagine  what Patricia Caulfield felt when she saw her beautiful baby Faye Armstong  with teeth. A real shocker!

Baby Faye Armstrong was born three weeks early at Ormskirk hospital in Lancashire, UK. Ms Caulfield said.  ‘When she was born, I noticed two white slits on her bottom gum,’ said Miss Caulfield, 25. ‘The next morning, when I was feeding her, I felt a sharp pain and saw they had come through fully.

‘My midwife told me this is really rare. Children are sometimes born with buds but hardly ever full teeth.’
Ms Caulfield’s community midwife Joyce Davies, who works for Liverpool Women’s Hospital, said: ‘While you are always told to check for signs of teeth, it is actually a very, very rare event to find two fully erupted teeth after so few days.

Now just two weeks later, Baby Faye is already growing two molars.

Ms Caulfield a newspaper recruitment worker lives with her son Alfie, 3 and her fiance Andrew Armstrong 26, a Tyre fitter.  Apparently Mr Armstrong although shocked by the news is not really bothered because in her words “He does not have to feed her”.

‘I keep joking that if the pregnancy had gone full-term, she would have been born with a full set!’  Ms Caulfield added.

“You often find little beads in the gums but there is no doubt about it – these are two fully-formed teeth.”

‘This little baby certainly got all she wanted for Christmas – her two front teeth!’

Read more at Daily Mail, UK.
Signs and Wonders indeed! After all I am African, we are predisposed to superstitious beliefs. LOL

2 comments on “Baby girl born with two front teeth fully developed. (Imagine the uproar if this happened back home)

  1. Bernice Lakota
    December 8, 2010

    Too cute and quite a shocker. Back home they would have labelled her a devil worshipper LOL, ignorance is a curse. I don’t envy her feedngs, before you know it that baby will start to bite ouch!

  2. florence Nkeng
    December 8, 2010

    Well now we are in the end time so we should be ready to expect the unexpected that has never happend since our existence in this world

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