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The Queen is Dead!

The video below is by Yinka Williams, a Nigerian investigative reporter. This video is truly sad and touching but I fear the reality of such situations do not only occur in Lagos – but also in Douala. If you take a drive around our beloved Douala, you will see people living in abject poverty and total squalor. So sad that people live their hometowns in the hinterlands of Cameroon where at least they had three square meals a day to come to Douala hoping to make a better life for themselves. Oh Africa!


A chilling tale of a lady named Queen who lived under a bridge behind Sheraton hotel Lagos for 15 years! enslaved, constantly raped, infected with HIV and eventually died of the virus but her four children were stolen.For 3 years, investigate the whereabouts of the children—and in the process learnt about the children sale and racketeering in orphanage homes in Nigeria. I found her last baby ALIVE! ! !


One comment on “The Queen is Dead!

  1. Bernice Lakota
    November 29, 2010

    Too sad *tears*

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