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Happy Thanksgiving

Tomorrow, Nov. 25th 2010, Americans will be celebrating their annual ‘Thanksgiving holiday’, which I think is one of the most important holidays of the year. Taking nothing away from Christmas, Easter and the Muslims feasts, I believe in giving thanks to the ONE who gave us life. Say what you will about the USA, but still give them their due credit for the many activities that celebrate the creator. The dollar bill’s slogan reads  ‘In God we Trust’, what this tells me is that whoever designed this bill believed that with the Lord everything could be possible through this bill and so placed their trust in God.

I am aware of the controversies surrounding the so-called ‘occult’ images on the dollar bill, still the definition of God is subjective  and I dare to believe that most of  us reading that slogan believe that it is dedicated to the Almighty Creator of the Universe whose son, Jesus Christ died to save our sins.

Among others, they have a national holiday that celebrates the harvest each year, be it bountiful or barren. In other words, trusting the Lord and thanking Him for what they have received so far. Why would the Lord turn His face from this nation?

So to my PRgoretti family, even if tomorrow is not celebrated where you are, take time to just give thanks to our Lord or whoever you believe in for the countless blessings you receive daily in your life. Here’s one… you woke up this morning, hale and healthy!


One comment on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. T! Ntemgwa
    November 24, 2010

    Happy thxgiving to u too dear. Giving thx indeed shld be an everyday thing, every moment of everyday!

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