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Nostalgia by Ms Gwen Fominyen

Hello my people, here is a poem by one of ours. Let me know what you think.



I hear it’s a yearning for the past in idealized form
But Nostalgia, I ask you, what is it you are?
Are you not like that shadows that we chase but never reach?
Or the elusive wind that blows across our face?
Are you not like the clouds we see but can never pin down?
Or the obscurity of water that evades our grasp?

Getting freaky? Please Nostalgia don’t be.
Just a curious lass is who I am
So please tell me are you what I hear you are?
A bittersweet longing for things long gone?
And if you are that are you worth my heart’s while?
This perfect symphony of melancholy and wistful longing

Yes Nostalgia please argue your case
Surely amnesia is the better bet; a memory of gray and a future in orange?
Oh Nostalgia I hear you loud and clear.
I knew you would vouch for what the great poet once said;
“It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all” you say
Well that does sound sweet, but what’s the win in victory lost?
The lesson?
The hurt?
Or the beauty of should have been?

If I sound daunting Nostalgia, forgive me
All I want to know is Nostalgia what is your power’s source?
That you have this unique ability to twist my insides so and bring down a tear?


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