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Cameroonians making it – Music

I must admit that this blog has been a revelation to me as well. I always assumed that there must be some talented Cameroonians out there apart from Yaphet Kotto (Hollywood movie star), but I think I underestimated our talents. I wish I could show you a screenshot of my inbox so you see the numerous talents we have in the diaspora.

And so we unravel one of ours again:

Andre Manga; Composer, arranger, and virtuoso bassist, Andre Manga believes he was chosen for music even before he knew his own talent. Andre who lists Soul Sensation Manu dibango as one of his earliest music influences, also played for the Cameroon National Orchestra when he was 17 (who knew something like that existed, certainly not me). And like a fairytale, Andre eventually played for Manu dibango’s band as the keyboardist. (Who says dreams don’t come true?). His music accomplishments are legendary and you can check them out on:

His latest album DUMAZZ is available for downloads on

Check out more of his works on Manga or on youtube and myspace.

Andre Manga with American singer, Josh Groban (whom he toured with).

Now Enjoy!


One comment on “Cameroonians making it – Music

  1. Bernice Lakota
    November 7, 2010

    Wao, thank you for bringing us these wonderful stories.

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