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Public Relations and ME

Every article you read in the newspaper or programme you watch on TV about a person or product (apart from paid advertising) is the result of somebody’s effort in promoting “something.”

Nowadays even the biggest corporations realise the need for PR to build a positive public image, so why not individuals? We are all interesting in one way or the other even though we might not realise that. But remember; make sure that what you have to share with the world is newsworthy.

Whatever profession we find ourselves in, we  should be concerned about other peoples’ perceptions of who we are –whether good or bad.  If we could, how would we want to be perceived by family, friends, colleagues or even the world at large?

With the current economic recession haven affected most of us either directly or indirectly, separating ourselves from the mass has become vital to gain and retain employment, start a business or even getting involved in politics. So how do we separate the corn from the chavs?

Get noticed!

A famous PR specialist; Howard Bragman, author of “Where’s my fifteen minutes” redefines PR as Perception and Reality. What does that mean? With the coming  social media and varied press media, we can arguably say that we live in a world where what is presented to us by the media eventually becomes our ‘truth’. Often times we do not get a chance to hear from the horse’s own mouth and so are inclined to believe what is said about them. Perception becomes reality ( rem: it can go both ways –good or bad).

How can PR help?

What PR does for you is create positive PERSONAL RELATIONS with your audience. A PR consultant after understanding your goals or desired image, will do the following;

§  Decide if your credentials have anything newsworthy or if you have done anything newsworthy.

§  Create a perception about you to your desired audience.

§  Get you to take part in activities that will enhance the public perception you seek.

§  If necessary, liaise with the relevant media for press coverage.

§  Create a medium of feedback so you can judge how well or not your PR strategies are succeeding.

§  Maintain momentum on your activities and perception throughout the duration of your  campaign.

Remember, the PR consultant cannot always conjure magic, a lot of the work has to come from us too. It is important that the perception is as close to reality as possible. Remember a first impression is only made once.It is therefore important to maintain a strong visual image by;

  • Being professionally and elegantly groomed at all times.
  • Developing charm (if impossible), develop self-confidence and a SMILE.
  • Get rid of bad habits: chewing of nails, tongue-licking, mouth odours, etc.

(I will buy into anything they represented).

Next time, we’ll talk about how Public Relations can benefit your business, no matter the size.


3 comments on “Public Relations and ME

  1. Lebs
    November 5, 2010

    i swear the asongs in white. Chai na die. lol. love the pic so much.

  2. Franko
    November 6, 2010

    This is a sister who relentlessly aspires for us all to be our better selves. Beautiful piece, great example. I admire your blog.

  3. Chantal
    November 9, 2010

    I actually learnt somthing new from reading this.Go girl!!

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