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Cameroonians making it – FASHION

Everyday I stumble across Cameroonians making it in different areas of entertainment and it is so awe-inspiring, given that just a few years back it was almost unheard. I am just so proud to be a part of this generation. Here are a few of the budding fashionistas from our very own Camer.

SYL ANIM designs by Ms Sylvie Anim Mbuta.

The uniqueness of SYL ANIM designs is in the intricate and creative “crocheting” patterns. This blend of fabric and crochet makes for “distinguishing” pieces that should be in every girl’s wardrobe.  In addition to being a designer, Ms Sylvie Anim is also an actress currently featured on the Nigerian TV soap, “My mum and I” now showing on AIT channel and DSTV’s Africa Magic.  Check out more of her designs on: -sylanimdesigns.

The lady herself.

Dress and Jewellery – Syl Anim Designs


KIRETTE COUTURE is made up of a duo, Andrette Ngafor and Kibonen Nfi. Based in both London and New York respectively, these Cameroonian lady designers are redefining the traditional Bamenda ”Toghu’ wrapper material and recreating trendy high-end fashion. In the few short years, since Kirette Couture has been born, the ladies are surely making their presence felt on the international fashion designer scene; such as the New York African Fashion Week and the recently ended CamerCouture show in London. Be wowed by their latest designs at the ongoing ‘Brooklyn Fashion Week – Oct 24th -30th., also at the forthcoming ‘Bamenda Rocks’ event taking place in DEC at the Bamenda Alliance Francaise Camerounaise,  where young and fresh Cameroonian designers are encouraged. Check out their designs on couture.

The ladies with Cameroonian model David Nso.


Cameroonian women are taking the fashion world by storm. Cote Minou is also made up of a duo; Maryanne E. Mokoko and Stephanie T. Mouapi. These ladies bring a modern twist to the traditional African couture, you can take their pieces straight off the runway to any event, be it day or night. (Great news! especially since some designs make you wonder if they are just for display or can actually be worn). Check them out on and on – Cote Minou.

the ladies


Can I have this girls?

Hope you had fun discovering our female fashion talent. Nest time Fashion – Boys! Stay tuned.


4 comments on “Cameroonians making it – FASHION

  1. Syl
    October 27, 2010

    great job girl….i can already see this blog being the numero uno from Camair.Kudos

  2. Aben
    October 28, 2010

    this is beautiful i think i will really like this blog

  3. Bond aka Anu Morfaw
    October 28, 2010

    I am proud and inspired by this new generation of talent troops from my humble country.It can only get better!Kudos I say to you all.

  4. Lesly Mah Nekeh
    October 13, 2014

    Your blog is inspirational. I too have discovered some nice blogs on fashion by some of the Camair ladies. One of my favorite fashion blogs is The Hotjem. I almost fell off my chair when I learnt that she was from Cameroon. It would be nice to feature fashion bloggers like The Hotjem on your website. Google The Hotjem and her info will pop up.

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