Documenting the journey of a Cameroonian filmmaker

Paysans breaking boundaries II


Let’s start with Penjo Pete. A true Humanitarian who is genuinely about improving the welfare of our people. In addition to that he is a brilliant photographer and film-maker. check out some of his works here;

Now meet Pete

Now some of his works

And now:  Avin-u-C

A musical trio made of Eddy Besong, Naomi Achu and Henry Mahop. People check them out on, you’ll be bopping your head to their rhytm like I’ve been doing all afternoon. They have that cool 90’s feel that is missing nowadays to their music. My favourites include; be your man, mama Africa, free your mind. Inshort P-square and the rest, Watch out for Avin-U C.



And then there’s the talented and well-established DJ Eric Lemessie. This dude holds in down among African DJ’s on the East Coast of the United States.You only need to listen to shout outs from Hip hop to Makossa to Ndombolo to know who Eric is. A really nice guy – he personally went out of his way to make sure we get Petit pays (Cameroonian Artist) for my sister’s wedding. Will never forget.  Check him out on and!/djeric.lemessie?v=wall

Now some of his works


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