Documenting the journey of a Cameroonian filmmaker


Hello guys, slowly but surely this blog is beginning to take off and I just want to appreciate all those who are stopping by to show some love. So here we go, Cameroonians are doing big things in the entertainment industry… who would’ve thought? So proud of my people. A few of their successes.

Ms Naomi Achu.

Her sultry voice reminds you of the gentle sea breeze as it brushes against your skin and gives you “goose pimples.” You wish you could capture it for a moment.


Plus she’s fine too.



Then there’s another brother, Musing Derick. A brother with many talents, photography, film maker, director and so much more. Check out his latest work; Nexus

He likes to stay behind the scenes but I think we all like to know the faces that make it happen in ‘lalaland.’



And then there’s this talented young lady. An amazing mother, savvy business woman, style icon ( I reckon), and a true friend to those who know her; Ms Adeline Kamga, founder of the latest African Magazine in the Diaspora… FabAfriq. Check it out on


Now check her out!


Stay tuned! More Cameroonians or ‘paysans’ (as we like to call ourselves) who are making it in entertainment coming your way soon…




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