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Divasdynasty – empowering women

This is a weekly show currently showing on DoveMedia UK and Nigeria  every Monday at 8 pm. We are hoping to be in every African household name soon. The show is designed to empower women of all ages by showcasing success from untypical and sometimes frowned upon career paths chosen by some women.

I have personally been so empowered througout  the creative process of this show because I saw first-hand the tenacity and believe that the show’s producer, Ms Ngozi Kalu showed towards her goal. Call me biased yes, I accept and I honestly believe that the sky is truly the limit for her. Ladies stay tuned and learn that you can always do that thing which you so wish to do. Men, appreciate us women because we truly can do it while respecting your place in our lives.

Enjoy divasdynasty every Monday on DoveMedia at 8pm.


One comment on “Divasdynasty – empowering women

  1. Grace cole
    October 31, 2010

    This so intresting: keep it up lady

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